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Soccer fans in aviation drama

Smoke development forced a KLM plane on route to Gothenburg to return to Amsterdam Thursday afternoon.

There was panic in the air and many were crying when smoke developed in the cabin over the North Sea, according to the Swedish Expressen.se

«I thought we were going to crash,» said Gunilla Campenhausen to the paper.

The KLM plane was in route from Amsterdam to Gothenburg with 113 passengers on board. Many of them had been in Portugal and watched Sweden’s soccer games in the European Championship.

The smoke development was so great that the pilot was forced to take the plane down to a low altitude in a hurry.

According to KLM, there was no fire, but only a small smoke development.

«There was a little smoke in the cabin, but the plane turned around and landed safely in Amsterdam,» said Youssef Eddini, spokesperson for KLM to the paper.

All the passengers boarded a new plane which flew them to Sweden.

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