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Soccer star in paternity case

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International soccer star John Carew has to meet in court in regards to a paternity case as a woman in Oslo claims Carew is the father of her child.

The 22-year-old woman, who is of African decent, said the Besiktas striker is the father of her newly born son, reported the magazine Se og Hør.

«I have no comment,» said Per A. Flod, Carew’s agent and advisor, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

To court
«The case will be heard in court,» said Erling O. Lyngtveit, the woman’s lawyer, to Se og Hør. «The adversary party does not want to admit anything at all. We have several times been in contact with the adversary party without any results. Last time Carew was in Oslo, he didn’t have the time to meet us because he was off to soccer practice.»

It was the National Office for Social Insurance that sent the case over to the courts.

Huge strain
The lawyer said that he is shocked by the way the woman has been treated by Carew and Flod.

«This has case has been a huge strain on my client for more than six months,» Lyngtveit said to the magazine. «My reaction is that this is not very manly of Carew. The truth will nevertheless be revealed one day. Carew and his lawyer Flod represent a set of values that are totally foreign to me. The adversary party sent among other things a letter to me that I would describe as 'inappropriate'.»

According to the magazine, Carew has to provide a DNA sample.

Star at Besiktas
John Carew is one of Norway’s greatest soccer personalities, and he became the most expensive player sold from Norway when Valencia paid Rosenborg NOK 75 million (USD 10.85) for him in the summer of 2004.

He is now playing for Besiktas in Turkey, where he is one of the club’s greatest stars. Carew has also played for Rome and Vålerenga.

Carew is ready for Bestiktas’ start of the Turkish series Saturday, and the team’s fans are sure John Carew is going to be the man who will bring the team to the top in the Turkish 1st Super League series.

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