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Soccer stars' fight caught on video

Sist oppdatert:
The practice session was going to lift the spirits of the players, and inform the world that the All-Norwegian team was fit for fight, but it was the undisguised argument between Norway’s greatest soccer stars that stole the show at Marienlyst Monday night.

John Carew was noticeably provoked when he went to find Riise after the game, due to the fact that the Liverpool-forward failed to pass the ball during the game.

The Rome-forward slapped Riise in the back of head with an open hand, and after that all hell broke loose. The two of them were fighting like cats and dogs, and Steffen Iversen had his hands full when he tried to go between the two of them.

However, Riise and Carew refused to let dead dogs lie and for several minutes the argument continued. On pictures from TV 2 we can see that Riise spits in front of Carew’s feet after the game, something which upsets him greatly.

After the training, the two of them were at it again on the buss, according to several eye witnesses. Steffen Iversen had to separate them once more.

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