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Solberg believes in a long-lasting strike

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Minister of Local Government Erna Solberg (right) said she sees no reason why the government should interference in the transportation strike, and she believes it is going to be long-lasting.

Mandatory pay board is not a particularly likely outcome of the transportation strike. None of the reports which are accumulating at the Norwegian Board of Health indicate that the strike is a threat to people’s health.

«For the time being, this looks like it’s going to a long lasting strike,» Solberg said to the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv. «I have no reports which indicate that there is any threat to people’s health.»

The transportation strike has now entered its third week. The majority of southern Norway is affected, and the employers' association, the Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises (HSH), has reported that the lockout would be expanded as of Monday. As a result the strike affects the entire country.

At the same time, Solberg stated that she becomes irritated by statements made by Per Østvold, at the Norwegian Transportation Workers’ Union (NTF), when he says that he fears that forced pay board because of political reasons.

«I think Mr. Østvold could have passed on his attack May 1,» Solberg said. «I have an accurate professional approach to the question regarding pay board.»

At the same time, Solberg addressed the employers and states that she is not going to be influenced by media coverage of the number of people who are being laid off temporarily.

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