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Solberg insists on deportation

Foto: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) asked Erna Solberg to not deport the 2000 Iraqi Kurds who came to Norway 4 to 6 years ago since they are well integrated in society. Solberg refuses.

Five years in Norway does not give these persons enough attachment to Norway to grant them permission to stay, concludes the Minister of Local Government Erna Solberg.

UDI asked in April if the case could be closed by giving the group permanent residency in Norway. UDI has argued that there are «strong human considerations» to take into account, «ambiguous signals» from the authorities and that they have «certain connections to the country.» However, the Immigrations Appeals Board claimed that they should be sent home. Solberg has decided that the Iraqi Kurds will be deported, reported the Norwegian paper Stavanger Aftenblad.

Morten Tjessem, general secretary for the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers, said that these are people who are integrated into Norwegian society.

«They speak Norwegian, most of them have jobs,» Tjessem said. «They will not continue be a burden on society, but now the authorities are taking their work permits, their housing, and food in Norway in order to force them to home.»

The 2000 Iraqi Kurds asylum seekers who came to Norway in the end of the1990s, and they got temporary refuge without the right for family reunions, but because of the situation in their home country, they have been in Norway for a long time.

According to Tjessem, the society in Iraq is still so unstable that forced deportation of refugees is not likely right now.

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