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Solberg wants Krekar deported

Sist oppdatert:
Local Government Minister Erna Solberg wants to start Mullah Krekar’s deportation process June 30 when the occupation of Iraq officially comes to an end.

«We want to complete the deportation process as soon as possible, and it is obvious that the date June 30 is important in this connection,» said Roger Iversen, Solberg’s political advisor, to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen.

According to the paper, the requirement is that the new Iraqi self government is in place, and that it is of such a character that it is possible to deport the Mullah to his mother country.

Solberg decided already in February of last year that Krekar was going to be deported from Norway because he had breached the rights for residency in Norway.

The Ministry of Local Government is aware that the process may become dragged out.

«We expect that this case will be taken far up into the court system,» Iversen said.

Arvid Sjødin, the other lawyer who represents Krekar together with Brynjar Meling, confirms this. He added that it was surprising that the political leadership in the ministry had not been informed that Mullah Krekar will be in mortal danger if he is sen

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