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Soldier, 19, died during training

A 19-year-old soldier died during training at Garnison Sør-Varanger, in Finnmark early Thursday. The training operation has been aborted.

“The soldier fell down a steep slope and died as a result of the fall,” said Major Torbjørn Bjoraa to TV 2 Nettavisen.

During the changing of guards

The accident occurred at 4:30 a.m. during a routine change of guards at a field training operation about 25 kilometres east of Kirkenes. The soldier was either going on or off guard at the observation post which is located on a hill.

“No one else was physically hurt in the accident,” Bjoraa said.

The deceased was 19 years old man from Troms, and he was a part of Tropp 1, in Grensekompani/Utdanning.

Training operation aborted

A total of 240 soldiers were participating on the training operation in Finnmark. It started Tuesday and was according to the plan going to run until Thursday next week.

“We have aborted the training operation, and we have to see what the next move is,” Bjoraa said. “A doctor, a nurse and a priest are in the field to take care of the soldiers.”

According to the radio channel P4, the deceased was undergoing training when the accident occurred.

The accident will be investigated by Øst-Finnmark police district.

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