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Soldiers amused themselves killing dogs

(TV 2 Nettavisen)
Sist oppdatert:
Norwegian soldiers in Kosovo filmed each other while they amused themselves by using dogs as live targets.

The film containing these incidents is currently circulating among Norwegian Kosovo veterans, according to the Norwegian paper VG. The video has shocked both the Norwegian military leadership and animal rights activists.

According to the paper, the soldiers on the video are amusing themselves shooting dogs in full view of children.

In one shot, two armed Norwegian soldiers are standing about one meter from a tied up dog which is wagging its tail, barking happily.

Without any apparent reason, one of the soldiers shots and kills the dog. The soldiers smile and laugh.

«The shooting of the dogs was not authorized and should not have occurred,» said Steinar Hannestad, head of Situasjonssenteret at the Ministry of Defense, to the paper.

Hannestad was battalion commander for Norwegian forces in Kosovo in 2000.

Stray dogs have allegedly been a problem in Kosovo, and in that connection there have been organized hunts, but Hannestad said it is hardly that which is depictured on the video.

Beate Midttun, assisting spokesperson at Forsvarsstaben, said the incidents on the tape will be investigated.

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