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Soldiers drank beer on duty

Sist oppdatert:
While the Iraq war was raging and the terror alert was at its peak, Norwegian soldiers on duty kicked back and drank beer at Gardermoen airfield, according to pictures published on the web.

The Norwegian paper VG printed a picture with soldiers on duty at the main gate at the military air station drinking beer and eating pizza in the guard room. There are several cans around the soldiers and none of the soldiers are looking at the surveillance monitors located in the background.

An ex soldier has published the pictures on an Internet page after having made the faces of the soldiers on duty unidentifiable. He himself has served as a guard at Gardermoen airfield, and he argues that the reason why he published the pictures was that he wanted to give people a glimpse of what actually happens in the military.

«Everybody in the picture, and the person who has taken it, have breached our safety regulations,» said Kjell Belbo, base commander at Gardermoen airfield to the paper.

The case has been reported to the military police and the security clearances for the people involved will now be re-evaluated.

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