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Statkraft's brokers get massive bonuses

Statkraft give out huge bonuses to several of its power brokers.

The brokers working in Statkraft, Norway’s largest producer of electrical power, received huge bonuses after the historical trading result in 2001. Not a single broker has quit the company since performance-rate pay was established in the company last year.

According to the news magazine Europower, the company has been handing out bonuses of about NOK 2 million (USD 286,000) for the best brokers in 2002.

“It is important for us to have employees who have competitive terms,” said Rangvald Nærø, CEO in Statskraft to Europower. “These are employees with unique qualifications, and they contribute significantly to the value increase of Statkraft.”

The company established bonus terms in order to keep employees long than they did during the end of the 1990’s.

“In 1999, Statkraft was a place where employees were headhunted from,” said Jørgen Kildahl, Statkraft’s market executive manager. “We had a turnover of 30 percent, so it was the right thing to establish a performance-rate system.”

Statkraft is not alone in the power market to move to a performance-rate system. Hafslund also has the same system and the three best traders in the company received a salary of more than NOK 2 million in (USD 286,000) in 2000.

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