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Statoil bought services from ex-KGB agent

The Norwegian Statoil paid a former KGB agent large consultant fees.

The former KGB agent allegedly wrote analyses for Statoil in connection with investments in the former Soviet republic Azerbaijan, according to the Norwegian television channel, NRK.

Statoil claims it paid the man NOK 100,000 (USD 14,000) annually for the work, however, according to information NRK has, the amount is allegedly much higher.

Suspect corruption in Nigeria

At the same time as the KGB connection is revealed, the company has announced that it suspect a case of corruption connected to the sale of an ownership shares in an oil license in Nigeria. In 1998 Statoil and British petroleum sold their shares of the license to the Nigerian company Allied Energy, according to the Norwegian paper, Dagbladet.

According to the paper, it is not clear if the companies ever got paid for the sale.

“The reason why we have hired Ernst & Young is that there is a wish to get an audit of the sale. They are working on it right now,” said Kai Nielsen, head of information at Statoil.

Experts claim the oil license was sold considerably below market value. Statoil and BP used several millions to research and develop the area before the license was sold to Allied Energy in April of 1998.

Furthermore, Statoil’s and BP’s representatives in Lagos have several times been asked to send considerable amounts to an account managed by Allied Energy in the tax paradise of Cayman Island.

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