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Statoil executive charged

A chief engineer in Statoil may face six years in jail as Økokrim charged him with aggravated fraudulent appropriation.

According to the charge, the man allegedly received NOK 400,000 (USD 58,000) from one of Statoil’s suppliers, the company Rheinhold og Mahla Industrier, in the period 1997 to 2001.

Charged for contributing
To former executives in Rheinhold og Mahla Industrier (R&M) allegedly contributed to the fact that Statoil engineer received bribes, and Økokrim, the central unit for investigation and prosecution of economic and environmental crime, has therefore, charged them with contributing to aggravated fraudulent appropriation.

According to Økokrim, the incidents were a serious breach of confidence against Statoil and exposed Statoil to loss or dangers of loss of reputation.

«Statoil is viewing this in a very serious light and in this concrete case, Statoil has contributed information to Økokrim,» stated Stig Bergseth, director of health, security and environment.

The defendant still works at Statoil, but has since the beginning of the investigation gotten different tasks.

Bergseth stressed that Statoil views the further development of the case as something between the prosecuting authority and the defendant. Statoil will not comment the case further until after the court proceedings

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