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Statoil may advise Iraq on oil

Norwegian Statoil has gotten indications that the company may become an advisor for Iraq in the development of the Iraqi oil industry.

Statoil sent a letter to the governing body in Iraq some time ago and offered its services as a consultant for the rebuilding of the oil industry in the country, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Head of Information in Statoil, Kai Nilsen, said the company has gotten positive feedback, but a meeting has not yet been scheduled.

Statoil’s offer includes counselling and training in the Norwegian oil industry model characterized by a strong national control, but at the same time, combined with the participation of foreign companies.

Norwegian authorities are also preparing to offer their services to the Iraqi government in order to advice in the development of the oil sector. However, the offer will not officially be dispatched until Iraq gets a government elected by the popular vote.

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