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Statoil postpones expansion

Statoil has asked its partners for more time before the expansion plans of Statfjord Senfase is sent over to the government for approval.

It became known a few days ago that the oil company BP has postponed the production start at the Skarv field in the Norwegian Sea from 2008 to 2009. Statoil has now also asked for a postponement before the plan of building and operation for Statfjord Senfase project is sent of for approval.

«I can confirm that we have proposed to our partners to postpone the submittal with two months to get a better decision basis,» said Kjersti Morstøl, head of information at Statoil to TV 2 Nettavisen. «The final decision will be taken by the partnership in the days to come.»

Statoil had planned to send over the plan close to New Years, but now they have moved it to the first quarter of 2005.

According to Morstøl, Statoil wants to get a better overview of the conditions of the reserves before the document is sent over to the authorities for approval. Morstøl stated that this postponement will not affect the progress plan and the planned start October 1, 2007.

The Statfjord field is among the largest oil fields on the Norwegian shelf, but the field also contain large amounts of gas. The main focus of Statfjord Senfase is to extract as much as possible of this gas.

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