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Statoil wants Libya

Statoil is one of several Norwegian companies that want to establish itself in Libya. The oil company will most likely bid on the new exploration areas in the country.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy Thorhild Widvey travelled to Libya in September to speak on behalf of the Norwegian oil company.

Libya is a priority area for Statoil, and the company has been working intensely with technical and economical evaluations the last couple of months. Specific projects have been identified, but the formal decision to set up business in the country will not be made until this fall. According information provided the Norwegian news bureau (NTB), the board will probably not say no.

«We have among other things established whether or not we can operate in Libya in accordance to our ethical guidelines, and it appears as if we can,» said Kai Nilsen, head of information at Statoil, to NTB.

The invite for tender on the new exploration areas was originally called out July 1, but it has been delayed. Libya has known oil deposits of approximately 30 billion barrels, and the oil is attractive because it is rather simple and cheap to collect, and the country is situated close to the markets.

Statoil is also very interested in Libya’s large gas pool.

Most of the sanctions against Libya have been abolished, and Muammar Gaddafi has opened the country for the outside world. Businessmen and politicians from all over the world have been banging on the door of Libya’s national oil company, National Oil Corporation (NOC). In contrast to Iraq, Libya is very attractive.

Norsk Hydro has already been operating it the country for several years, and the company has shares in two oil fields. Norsk Hydro and Jotun are the only Norwegian companies that have a permanent represented in Libya, but several Norwegian companies work in Libya or are interested in business opportunities in the country. However, many wish to keep a low profile.

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