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Still Becquerel in Norwegian sheep

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Sheep in Northern Trøndelag contain six times the amount of radioactivity that is recommended. Sheep are fed special feed to dispose of it before slaughtered.

Even 18-years after the Chernobyl accident, the farmers in Trøndelag still pay for the consequences the world’s largest nuclear power disaster, reported the television channel NRK Trøndelag.

Sheep in the area have as much as six times more radioactivity than recommended. The reason is that the food that grows in Trøndelag is still full of radioactive waste.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority demands that the sheep that use grazing land in ten townships in northern Trøndelag have to be «emptied» of the radioactive substances before they are slaughtered by feeding them a special feed for several weeks.

This special feed is expensive and the farmers have to expect to continue this practice for another ten years.

«It’s evident that the substance we have to deal with here actually has a physical half-life of 30 years. This may mean that we have problems like this in parts of Norway for at least another ten years,» said Anne Live Rudjord at Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA).

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