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Stoltenberg pleased Mijailovic received his sentence

Jens Stoltenberg, leader of the Norwegian Labor party, said he was relieved to hear that Anna Lindh’s killer was sentenced for the murder of his good friend and colleague.

«I’m pleased that they have apprehended and sentenced Anna Lindh’s killer, but nothing can undo the misdeed,» Stoltenberg said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

Tuesday afternoon Mijailo Mijailovic was convicted to prison for life of the stabbing and murder of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.

Friends for 20 years
Stoltenberg said he knew Lindh well. They had been close friends, both in political and private life, for nearly 20 years. They had visited each other several times.

Stoltenberg said that he misses his friend:

«Anna Lindh is not coming back, and we will miss her in the social democratic movement,» Stoltenberg said. «International politics have lost a great leader.»

Enjoyed life
Lindh was stabbed at the shopping mall NK in Stockholm, September 10 of last year. She later died of the injuries. Stoltenberg said he received the message of her death with great sadness.

Stoltenberg describes Lindh as a warm person.

«She was very light-hearted and very considerate,» Stoltenberg explained to TV 2 Nettavisen in September of last year. «She always called on birthdays, and she always called when things were difficult. She has two wonderful sons who are the same age as my children, and they were undeserved exposed for the most brutal thing a child can experience.»

Mijailovic was arrested 16 days after the murder. He was found guilty of the murder of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anna Lindh January 19 of this year.

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