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Stores hope to win with bright smiles

Shopkeepers in Os, Hordaland, are preparing to go to battle against the German grocery chain Lidl by sending their employees to smile courses.

«It’s going to be a trade war, and Lidl has gotten a little more attention than it deserves,» said Dag Eide, managing director at Drageset, the grocery chain that is based out of Os, to the daily Bergens Tidende.

The three Drageset stores in the township are ready to face Lidl. And since Lidl allegedly is not known for its service, Eide decided to send his employees on a smile course.

Eide said he travelled to Sweden in order to check out the new competitor, and he said he was not impressed, but he still considers the German chain to be a serious competitor.

The question on everyone’s lips is allegedly if all the stores in Os are going to survive. There still exist small, local stores in the township. These stores hope to survive by offering quality goods, not low prices.

Joker or Rema 1000 in the area are allegedly not particularly worried about Lidl. Joker offers postal services and attracts customers because of that. But all the same, the stores want loyal customers.

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