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Stranger mails big money to unknown receiver

A mysterious envelope containing a large amount of cash was sent in the mail without a receiver or return address. The Post office is looking for the sender, and a number of people tried to retrieve the cash Wednesday.

23.10.03 10:54

The envelope was discovered at the post terminal at Minde last week.

“The contents from the mailboxes in Bergen ends up here,” said Bjørn Myrdal, head of production at Bergen postterminal to the local paper Bergens Tidende. “Among all the mail, we found an envelope, which was not glued shut, containing a rather large amount of money.”

Myrdal did not want to state the exact amount, but he said that the amount was significant, and he urges the owner to contact the post office.

Several people had contacted the post office Wednesday afternoon trying to walk off with the cash; however, they were turned away empty handed because they did not have the correct information regarding the envelope or the amount.

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