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Strike prevented, solution presented

An agreement between the government and its employees was reached eight hours on overtime, and a massive strike was avoided.

The government had to abandon its attack on the sick pay scheme and the spokesperson arrangement, and at the same time reduce the local part of the wage settlement. The government employees get lower loan interest in Statens Pensjonkasse (government’s pension scheme), but the employees had to decrease a little on their wage increase, stated Morten Øye, chief negotiator at LO Stat.

The interest rate in Statens Pensjonkasse is going to be reduced with half a percent point.

YS Stat informed that all salary levels between 1 and 30 will get a general wage increase of NOK 6,500 (USD 970). In the salary level 31 to 70 get an increase of 2.6 percent, and as of level 71 the increase will be NOK 12,900 (USD 1925).

Taking effect June 1, the negotiations starts regarding a pot of 0.24 percent, and at the same time it has been decided that the starting salary will increase with three levels and the top salary will increase with one.

The result of the negotiation will now be sent off to a referendum where the members will decide if they accept the changes.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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