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Student murders could be connected to the mafia

The police confirmed that the murders of the two Chinese students studying in Norway are now checked up against murders of Chinese students in the rest of Europe.

Ningyan Yu, age 23, and Yuhang Wu, age 22, were found murdered in their apartment in Oslo Friday.

The Oslo police are collecting information of murders and crime connected to Chinese students abroad, confirmed Police Inspector Terje Kristiansen, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

The police in Ireland are investigating possible mafia groups after a double murder in March 2001, where a Chinese student couple, both aged 19, were found strangled and burned in their apartment. The couple worked in a restaurant in addition to studying, just as the two killed students in Oslo.

A Chinese person was seen running out of the house when the house was in flames. The couple was later found strangled and burned. Two Chinese pregnant women were found strangled in Dublin in the end of the 1990s, according to the paper.

«This may indicate that many Chinese students are being exploited by criminals, and we will also contact the Irish authorities if it will be necessary,» Kristiansen said.

One sound theory is that the Chinese students were being exploited by the Chinese triads, which are known to use hard mafia methods. The triads lure students with tempting offers of admissions to good schools before they force them to work.

According to VG, several Chinese newspapers write that the two students in Norway were killed with several days apart. According to the Shanghai Post, Ningyan was killed a week before the murders were discovered, while the partner was murdered three days before they were found.

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