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Students experience sexual harassment daily

It is not uncommon for teenage girls to experience sexual harassment at school daily.

21.10.03 11:56

According to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen, a Swedish survey revealed that seven of ten teenage girls are called whore, slut or bitch, and the same survey reveals that six of ten have been touched inappropriately without wanting the attention.

The survey was conducted in several junior high schools in the Swedish capital, and even if a similar survey has not yet been conducted in Norway, Svein Mossige researcher at Norwegian Social Research, said the survey is representative for Norway as well.

Must tell people off

“You are called a whore and bitch, get your bottom and breasts touched during an ordinary day at school,” said Mari, age 14, a student at Hersleb skole in Oslo. “And some of the boys makes jokes that they are going to fuck on the forth floor of the school because there is a rumour that someone fucked there.”

Another girl said that she uses almost every break to tell people that she “does not think that it is so cool to be touched.”

More sexualized teasing

Mona Larsen-Asp, director of equality council, said that the government must be far more proactive in the work against sexual harassment.

“The government has made many statements against malicious teasing, but it should know that teasing is not what it used to be,” Larsen-Asp said. “When I was a child I was called a geek because I was wearing glasses. Today the teasing is much more sexualized and malicious. It is also important that the schools and teachers are aware that much of the malicious teasing today can be classified as sexual harassment.”

Hannah Helseth, head of the project “Sett grenser”, the only project working against sexual harassment in schools, said that the biggest problem is that no governmental agencies views sexual harassment as a problem.

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