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Students thrown out due to police mess

A group of students from Eastern Europe were going help out during the Christmas season at a greenery in Stavanger, but they were deported because of a police mess.

Four students from eastern Europe, ages 21 and 29, were going to work at the greenery at Jåsund, but they were deported and put on a plane home Sunday, despite the fact that they had all their papers in order. The only thing missing was a stamp from the police.

It used to be the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration that issued work permits, but now the local police are supposed to issue them. Magne and Ethel Haga, the gardener couple in Stavanger, are furious at the police after the new policy prevented them from hiring youth from Eastern Europe, something they have been doing for 13 years.

The police at the door

Ethel was informed by the police in Stavanger that it was not necessary to send in the papers before the time the students were to arrive. The students were going to start working Saturday November 1, and Ethel therefore handed in the papers at the police department two days in advance, Thursday October 30, according to the local paper, Stavanger Aftenblad.

But Wednesday last week, two police officers came to the greenery and asked if the students had started to work, which they had. Apparently, they were not allowed to do so until after all the papers were stamped.

Must pay the police’s salary

Saturday morning the students from Latvia were deported. They were not allowed to drive their own cars, and they have to pay for both their plane tickets and the police’s salary.

“The papers were in order, they only had to stamp them,” Haga said. “Everything was legal. We believed it was only logical that they did not have to just sit around and wait for the police to show up, and in stead start to work. This treatment of honest, innocent students is disgraceful. It is harassment. I feel ill on behalf of the Norwegian people. The police should be removed from this duty; they are not adult enough to handle it.”

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