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Study of liability and cell phones launched

The quality of cell phones and the placement of liability have been a problem for a long time. The Norwegian Consumer Council is now going to consider if the manufacturer in fact are liable towards customers.

“We have so far this year received over 5000 calls regarding cell phones,” said Jon-Andresa Lange, law representative at the council.

As a result of the problems, the council launches a project to study and evaluate the liability of the manufacturers. The aim is to avoid that the liability is placed with the sale outlets at the same degree as it is currently.

The sale outlets Elkjøp and Expert criticized the cell phone manufacturers for not being liable for their products. At the same time, they criticized the Norwegian Consumer Council for abolishing the 5 year deadline for notification of defects without evaluating the quality of the product.

The Norwegian Consumer Council agrees to a large degree with the sale outlets. The project sets out to identify how to shift the liability in the most effective manner, according to the council’s web site.

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