Surprise party turns into tragedy

Seven people were injured after a shot was fired from a shotgun by accident at a party in Sarpsborg, Norway, on Saturday.

18.08.03 11:35

A woman was seriously injured in her knee, five other people were injured and one person is in shock, NTB reports.

Seriously injured

According to the Fredrikstad hospital, the victim with the most serious injury is a 33-year-old woman who was short in the knee. Her situation is serious but stabile.

"A tragedy"

"This is a tragedy for everyone involved. Nothing indicated that alcohol was involved", said the police.

According to the local newspaper, the accident happened in connection with a surprise party for a man's birthday.

The guests had gathered 150 meters from the cabin where the party was to be held, waiting to surprise the man. The plan was to meet him on a small road leading to the cabin.

The man found out about the surprise and was waiting in the forest behind the cabin, wanting to surprise the guests by firing a shot in the air.

The guests jumped by the sound of the shot and turned around. The man came out from his hiding place behind a tree and stepped on to the road where the guests were standing.

At this point the accident happened. The man stumbled with the shotgun in his hand and another shot was fired only five meters from the group of guests.

The shot hit six guests, amongst them the man himself, who was lightly injured in his head and legs.

According to the police the man is deeply affected by the accident.

The police confiscated the weapon on Saturday.

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