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Suzann Pettersen to play the Solheim Cup

Norwegian Suzann Pettersen is chosen to join the prestigious European golf team to meet the US in the Solheim Cup on Monday.

Seven players were directly qualified for the team but the Norwegian golf star was not amongst the seven. She was however one of the five players chosen by captain Catrin Nilsmark.

There have been a lot of speculations over the last days but nobody has been certain whether the Norwegian would get a space on the team.

“The feedback has been good but one never knows until the team has been picked. Suzann really wants to play. One could compare this with joining the Olympics in different sports”, said Pettersen’s manager, adding that the Solheim Cup is the most prestigious of the female golf tournaments:

“It is just like Ryder Cup is for the men. It is special. This is team play and the atmosphere on the course is very special, electrical. Also, this is the tournament everybody wants to watch. 60,000 tickets have already been sold”, he said.

Suzann Pettersen is in the US at the moment and was not available to comment on Monday. She says on her web page:

“I am of course very happy with this. It gives an extra kick. The experience in 2002 was great and the fact that this year’s tournament will be played outside Malmo in Sweden will make it a fantastic happening. I am very much looking forward to it”, she said.

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