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Swede smuggled 90 kg radioactive material

A Swedish man was arrested on the boarder between Russia and Finland as he tried to smuggle 90 kg radioactive material out Russia.

The attempt is now being investigated by Russian authorities, and very little information has been released, according to the Swedish paper Expressen. Pentti Saira, the Finish police chief in the area, can confirm that Swedish man was arrested this weekend on the Russian side of the check point Salla, only 100 meters from the Finish control post.

Saira said he received his information from a source at the authorities.

“We are currently investigating to determine if the information is correct. I don’t know what kind of material it was, but according to our information it is radioactive,” Saira said to the newspaper Iltalehti.

According to the newspaper, the material may weigh as much as 90 kg. Furthermore, the newspaper claims that the Finish authorities have been informed that the material may be plutonium, but this appears not to be very likely because the only large plutonium seizure the last decade was at the Munich airport in 1994, where 363 grams was confiscated.

Where the Swedish smuggler was heading is still unknown.


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