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Swedes arrested in terror raid

At least three Swedes were arrested when armed terror police raided a van in the suburb of Copenhagen. At least eight persons were arrested, suspected of planning terror attacks.

At least eight persons were allegedly arrested, suspected of planning a terror attacks in Denmark. According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, among the arrested persons were between three and six Swedes. The police only confirmed that there were Swedes among the detainees, but refused to comment on how many Swedish citizens were detained.

A 38-year-old terror suspect from Morocco was also among the people arrested. He appeared in court Wednesday, and he will be held on remand for 13 days. The police did not confirm the identity or what the man is charged with, only that the man would be extradited. He was jailed behind so-called «double closed doors», meaning that the public will not be informed what the man is charged of. This is very unusual in Denmark.

Heavy armed
At approximately 7 p.m. Tuesday, a Swedish van, which had been rented Monday night, rolled up in front of a warehouse in Ishøj, a suburb of Copenhagen. The car was immediately surrounded by heavy armed anti-terror police.

«Suddenly, there were police all over the place,» a neighbour explained to Aftonbladet. «Big, blue cars closed off the street, and not even my son was allowed to get through.»

According to the Danish BT, Swedish security police followed the van to the boarder, where Danish police took over. After the arrests Tuesday night, the warehouse building was searched by bomb experts from the police and the military. A police helicopter was flying over the area.

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