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Foto: Jonas Ekstromer (Pressens Bild/All Over Press Norway)

Swedish PM needs Miss Manners

The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria gazed into space as the Swedish Prime Minister took out his cell phone and accepted a call during the Nobel Prize dinner. The style experts shake their heads.

Experts on style and etiquette could almost not believe their own ears when they heard that the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson took out his cell phone from the pocket of his tux and started to babble away during the Nobel dinner in Stockholm.

Gustaf Lewenhaupt, the author of a book on etiquette in business, said he was very surprised by Persson’s telephone conversation.

“There is only one thing to say if what you are saying is true; to use the cell phone during the Nobel dinner is reprehensible, regardless if you are prime minister or not,” Lewenhaupt said to the Swedish paper Expressen.

Discussed the European Union

The mishap was caught on film by the agency Pressens Bild, and Persson is allegedly embarrassed by the fact that the story has been made public, but he claims that he had good reason to take the call.

“The conversation was about EU’s new constitution,” Persson said to the paper. “We are in the end of the negotiations.”

He said that he thinks Princess Victoria understands that he had to take the call. It was Parliamentary Secretary Jan Danielsson who called Persson.

Normally enjoy each others company

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, at the Swedish Royal Court, has been informed of Persson’s conversation.

“It was rather short,” Tarras-Wahlberg explained. “I don’t think the Crown Princess was offended. They normally enjoy each others company.”

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