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Tank truck crashed into jet

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The Jet Falcon owned by the Norwegian military was greatly damaged when a tank truck crashed into the plane’s nose at Flesland airport, Bergen, Norway.

The accident occurred Thursday afternoon while the plane was parked off the main area at Bergen air port. The plane is used for military operations only.

The tank truck belongs to Statoil and is used to deliver engine fuel to the planes. The truck ran directly into the nose of the plane. Rolf Klokkeide at Avinor at Bergen airport said to TV 2 Nettavisen that there is no explanation for why the accident occurred.

«You are asking something that I can’t answer,» Klokkeide said. «It is completely unexplainable. The tank truck drove sideways into the plane. The investigation must explain how this could happen.»

Klokkeide denies that the accident may be due to poor routines and security at the airport.

«No, I reject that consistently,» Klokkeide said. «This has nothing to do with poor security.»

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