Tax deduction for maid services

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Norwegian politician Olav Thommessen wants to institute tax deduction for domestic cleaning services. He claims a deduction can help getting more women into the professional working life.

«There is no point for Venstre (the Liberal party) to focus particularly on the domestic cleaning services, but we want it to become easier for people to choose,» Thommessen said to Dagbladet.

Thommassen launched the suggestion in a letter to the editor in Dagbladet Monday.

«In stead of letting the lack of time force mothers and fathers into taking part time positions, one should make it easier for them to buy domestic cleaning services,» Thommassen wrote.

He receives support from Financial Advisor Christian Vennerød.

There are many today who want to, but few who can afford to buy domestic cleaning services for the home. Tax deductions on maid services could help more women with entering the work life, according to Vennerød.

«This would increase welfare and the demand for such services which today are too expensive for many people,» Vennerød said, who claims that a tax deduction will be good in the battle against the black labor in the industry.

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