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Teacher exposed by sex pictures

A form master at a junior high school at Helgeland was exposed for having sexual intercourse with his students when a photo lab developed his pictures. A total of five girls have allegedly been molested by the 34-year-old man.

The photos were so extreme that the lab sent copies to the police after they had received several films for development, according to the paper VG.

The girl in the pictures was 14 years old, and the teacher is now suspected of having sex with a total of five girls while they were in attending junior high school.

According to VG, the students had crushes on the teacher, who is described as being popular with the students. During questioning, the man explained that he too was in love with the students and that they have been love relationships.

The police arrested the man April 4. The teacher has been released from custody, but he is not allowed to visit two of the girls.

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