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Teachers punish critical students

Students who subject themselves to authorities and who do not question or criticize their teachers, get better grades than students who have their own opinions.

Students who contradict their teachers and state their opinions are more often viewed as problem students and disruptive elements by their teachers and the teachers therefore have a tendency to give these students poorer grades, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

Thomas Nordahl, researcher at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), claims that there is a closer relationship between confirming behaviour and good grades than between intelligence and grades.

«It’s a common problem that teachers awards students who confirm,» Nordahl said. «They get good grades. They adapt to the situation, are obedient and conscientious, and they do what they are ordered to do, normally without asking any questions.»

However, these research results go against the intent of Norwegian schools. According to curriculum plans and act about public schooling, students should be encouraged to be critical, self-asserting and have their own opinion.

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