Telenor's monopoly is still standing

The former monopolistic communications companies in Scandinavia are still dominating the market. Norwegian Telenor is the most monopolistic of them all.

Telenor has a much larger market share in Norway than TeliaSonera in Sweden and TDC in Denmark. According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, it involves both fixed line and cell phone networks. TDC is the most dominating when it comes to broadband.

This information was revealed in a study conducted by the analysis company Norsk Telecom.

Telenor has a market share of 71 percent of the fixed line market in Norway, while TeliaSonera has 55 percent in Sweden and TDS has 65 percent in Denmark.

Within cell phone communications the differences are even larger. Telenor has 61 percent of the national market, while TeliaSonera has 49 percent and TDC has only 38 percent.

«The number of cell phone networks has an affect on competition,» said Tore Aarønæs, manager at Norsk Telecom, to the paper. «In Norway there are two GSM net owners, Telenor and Netcom. The others have to rent lines from them. There are three GSM nets in Sweden, while in Denmark there are four. This has lead to greater competition and in Denmark lower cell phone prices.»

Aarønæs stressed that the old monopolists’ market share is even higher in wholesale link. Most of the competitors have to rent from the net owner Telenor, and Telenor remain in control.

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