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Telenor promises broadband for all

Well, not everybody, but almost. The Norwegian telecommunications giant promises to offer broadband to 90 percent of the Norwegian population before the end of 2006.

Only 26 percent of the population currently has the opportunity to connect to the Internet by using a broadband, but apparently, things are going to change.

CEO Morten Karlsen Sørby assures that it is entirely accidental that the promise was made the same day as the Storting puts on a hearing in connection with the government issue of broadband expansion in Norway.

“The market is now so ripened, the technology is so good, and the price on the technical equipment is reduced that we now dare to voice this suggestion,” Karlsen Sørby said.

Tore Aarønæs in the analysis company Norsk Telecom stated to Aftenposten that Telenor fears that price stipulations may be instituted on the ADSL broadband technology.

Telenor are allegedly also worried that the local townships are going to start competing with them by expanding their own infrastructure. In addition, several competitors are breathing down the neck of the former all-powerful company.

344,000 Norwegian households and business had installed the technology by the end of 2003; about 200,000 of these are customers at Telenor.

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