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Terror alarms on 1600 Norwegian ships

1600 Norwegian ships are subject to the new and stricter requirements for terror preparedness. Norwegians ships will, along with 40,000 ships world wide, be equipped with alarms to inform the authorities of terror attacks.

According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, Norwegian ships which sail in foreign waters must have complete terror preparedness plans within July 1 in order to be prepared if something unexpected should occur. The shipping line and selected members of the crew are supposed to be informed of the terror plan.

Stricter control of passengers, goods and all vehicles before they are granted admission to the ship is among the new measures which will be introduced on land in order to prevent terror. The controls of travels by sea are going to be as strict as those by air.

The terror alarm will be able to be issued from all corners of the world and will be recorded at Hovedredningssentralen (main rescue office) at Sola. The ships will have a concealed alarm button. When the alarm is trigged a silent alarm goes off, and the rescue office will be informed of the ships position.

A total of about 40,000 ships are supposed to be certified world wide. The short deadline leads to long lines and it may prevent Norwegian ships from getting the requirements within the deadline. If the ships are not certified, they may be denied access to harbors, mainly in the US.

Ships which are in route within Norway only will currently not be required to install this equipment at the time being.

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