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Terror fear closed Norwegian embassy

The US warns American citizens in the Nordic and Baltic regions to be alert because of terror threats. The Norwegian embassy in Riga has been closed because of threats.

«We have upgraded our security level at our embassy in Riga, Latvia, and we are keeping the embassy closed for the time being,» said Eirik Bergesen at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24. «We have continuous contact with Latvian authorities, but we can not comment on what kind of measures we are considering due to security reasons.»

Norwegian personnel at the embassy in Riga were informed of the terror threat by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before this weekend.

The US informed American citizens in Nordic and Baltic countries of possible terror attacks Monday. Through the embassies in Finland and Latvia, the US asked its citizens to be particularly careful at shopping centers and centers of mass transit.

The background for the warning is threat information, but the US Department of State does not specify what kind of information or what kind of threats have been received, reported the Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

According to Kanal 24, this threat information is the reason why the Norwegian embassy in Riga has been closed, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rebuts the statement.

«Our evaluation of threats is separate and applies only to our embassy in Riga,» Bergesen said to the radio channel.

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly not considering warning Norwegians against travelling to Latvia or Finland.

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