Terror suspect wanted to relocate to Norway

The group which is currently being investigated by Spanish police after the terror attacks in Madrid, wanted to establish itself in Norway and allegedly asked Mullah Krekar for help.

One of the five who was arrested in Spain after the terror bombs, 30-year-old Jamal Zougan, is a member of a group which is connected to Al-Qaeda. The group tried to establish itself in Norway by soliciting help from Mullah Krekar and his brother, according to the Norwegian paper VG. The incident allegedly occurred in 1995.

According to the Associate Press, Zougan is one of several hundred Moroccans who were under surveillance by Moroccan police after the terror attack in Casablanca in May of last year. 30 people were killed in the attack.

During the investigation of the Spanish Al-Qaeda cell in 2001, a video tape with Mullah Krekar and other leaders from Islamic Movement of Kurdistan was seized. On this tape, among other things, a bank account number in the name of Mullah Krekar’s brother Khalid Ahmad is given so that sympathizers could donate money.

«Krekar and his brother have been open about their contacts for years,» said Brynjar Meling, Mullah Krekar’s lawyer. «They were running a Kurd paper and got many different types of requests, among others, regarding helping people to Norway.»

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