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Terrorists can produce nukes

Terrorists can produce nuclear weapons, claims Morten Bremer Mærli at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) in his doctorate thesis.

According to Mærli, the nuclear weapons terrorist can produce are of not very advanced, but the weapons will, all the same, be strong enough to inflict great damage, reported the Norwegian television channel NRK.

«It’s very important to prevent terrorists from getting a hold of uranium or plutonium,» Mærli stated. «This is the only barrier between us and nuclear terrorism.»

Mærli stated that the current control of uranium and plutonium is poor, and it poses an immediate problem and is a great threat as the world may face nuclear terrorism.

«In Russia alone there are more than 1,500 ton enriched uranium and plutonium, and under half of it is secured,» Mærli stated.

He is calls for greater international collaboration to secure these storages.

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