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The 911 virus has arrived

The first virus associated with the second anniversary of September 11 has been discovered on the Internet. The virus pretends to be a picture fof the terrorist attacks. This is how you avoid it.

Just as last year, a virus free-loading on people’s feelings associated with the 9-11 terrorist attacks has been expected this year. There have been speculations whether a new version of the aggressive computer virus Sobig will surface. The F version dies September 10.

Symantec, a computer security company, has issued a warning against the computer worm Neroma, a virus is spreading on the Nett. The virus is a so called “mass mailer”, and it tries to use Microsoft Outlook in order to send itself to all the addresses in the address book.

Neroma is written in Visual Basic, and requires that the receiver clicks on the attached file named 911.jpg.

The computer virus is recognized by the text “It’s near 911” in the subject box and “ice butt baby!” in the text area of the e-mail.

The receiver of this mail must not open the attachment, and the e-mail should be deleted at once.It will be necessary to run an upgrade of the anti virus program.


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