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The Nativity Scene destroyed in Grimstad

Someone tried to destroy the Nativity Scene in Grimstad, Norway, but the children took back their Christmas.

On December 22 children and adults of Grimstad walked down the main street Storgata in a quiet protest against the person or persons who destroyed the Nativity scene outside Julehuset.

Teachers at several of the schools in Grimstad had participated in the making of figures Josef, Maria, and baby Jesus, shepherds, sheep and the crèche in natural size, in order to create the Christmas scene in town. Friday night, an unidentified person or persons stole all the figures and lit the crèche on fire.

However, all the figures were replaced Monday by real people and a donkey was happily eating hay from the crib.

“This is a good opportunity to protest and state that this is not the way we want it, and I think this is the most important statement made this Christmas in Grimstad,” said Mayor Svein Harberg to the local paper Agderposten. “The mob that did this is not going to take Christmas away from us. We must respect and be nice to one another, and we do not accept this act of hooliganism.”

The Mayor was one of the many people who protested against the act of vandalism.

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