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The Norwegian Oscar hope: "Kitchen Songs"

Sist oppdatert:
The Norwegian film "Kitchen Songs" may take the trip to Los Angeles in March next year. Bent Hamer’s film is the Norwegian Oscar candidate.

It is this year’s best contributions which will be honored next year, but the run for the Oscar has already started. Norway is not alone. Several countries have already sent in their contributions to the best foreign film category.


Quite a lot of marketing is required in order to be accepted as an Oscar candidate. Bent Hamer’s film has already been submitted as a candidate to the Golden Globe, and the film will be viewed at the Los Angles Film Festival in the end of October.

“Kitchen Songs” will also be a candidate in the best film category at the European Film Awards, and Hamer’s film is currently doing very well abroad.

This spring the Guardian called the film one of the ten best films this year, and Hamer collected several prizes at Cannes.

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