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The Observer hails Lofoten Islands

“Lofoten Islands” in the far north of Norway has just sailed up as one of the most beautiful islands in the world and exotic travel destination as the Maldives, Greece, and the Caribbean, according to the British paper The Observer.

Wherever you go in the world, there is a paradise which is right for you, and this paradise is Lofoten, according to The Observer.

The Observer lacks words when trying describing its newly found paradise in Northern Norway: “Nowhere does the midnight sun shine to greater effect than on Norway's Lofoten Islands, anchored above the Arctic Circle. Their purple mountains and green meadows, bright fishing boats and rust-red cottages on stilts are mirrored in Caribbean-blue sea. Edgar Allen Poe described the seas around as 'lashed into ungovernable fury... the bed of waters seamed and scarred into a thousand conflicting channels bursts into frenzied convulsion - heaving, boiling, hissing”.

Much space

The Observer used much space to rank the world’s twenty greatest islands. On top is Mnemba Island on Zanzibar, number two is the already mentioned Lofoten Islands, Norway, according to the local paper, Lofotposten.

The locals are proud

And of course, the locals are proud as peacocks.

“We must use this survey. This is a massive encouragement for Lofoten as a travel destination, and a requirement to provide the best possible service and product in the future,” said Trygve Steen at Destination Lofoten to the local paper.

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