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Thief ate everything

While the owner was away, a 24-year-old man installed himself in the empty apartment and ate all the food.

Salten county court sentenced the 24-year-old man from Bodø to six months immediate imprisonment for the food theft. In addition, the man was sentenced for seven other thefts, threats, shoplifting and a number of other offences, according to the local paper Avisa Nordland.

The man entered the apartment by climbing up the fire escape and entered an unlock balcony door. He explained in court that he stayed in the apartment for several days and ate all the food he found in the fridge, the freezer and in the kitchen cupboards.

The owner said that when he returned home he found his apartment a mess and there were nothing left to eat.

The court’s judgement stated that the defendant appears to have difficulties concentrating, but the court did not doubt that the defendant was sound of mind.

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