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Thief threatened to kill landfill employee

A landfill employee got an ice scraper pressed against his throat as a garbage thief threatened to kill him.

A security guard is now employed at the landfill at Kristiansand in order to maintain law and order, according to the Norwegian paper Fædrelandsvennen.

“People threaten to beat us up, and tell us that we are idiots, damn garbage men and worse curses, when we nicely tell people that they can not just take things,” said Leif Nilsen, supervisor at Randesund industry landfill in Kristiansand, to the paper. “The worst thing was when one of our employees was threatened on his life with an ice scrape pressed against his throat.”

Nilsen said he is noticing the increased class gap. Many people are throwing away perfectly good things, while others are on the look out and take things without asking. Particularly electrical equipment is popular, but according to agreements, must all equipment be handled.

“Old computer equipment may contain sensitive information, and it may be inflammable,” Nilsen said.

The security guard will work on Saturday since this day is the worst with long lines and stealing.

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