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Thirsty thieves stole altar wine

The Catholic Chapel in Bergen was robbed of three crucifixes, altar wine, and a platter for the Holly Communion by heathen thieves before the weekend.

Monday morning Oddvar Moi, curate at the Catholic Chapel, had no choice but to go down to the liquor store and buy a new bottle of the white wine “Señorita.”

“The thieves did not take anything of value, but it is uncomfortable that they come here and steal,” Moi said to the local paper, Bergensavisen.

The greatest loss is the crucifixes and the platter

“These things are of great sentimental value to us,” Moi explained.

Thieves hid in the chapel

St. Paul congregation’s chapel is located next to the hospital Sykehuset Florida, and it was used last Thursday. When a priest from the congregation came on Friday, he was met a sad sight. The thieves had thrown things all over the place, probably trying to find things of value, before they took off with the cheap wine, the three crucifixes and the platter.

The curates said they believe the thieves hid in the chapel before it was locked up for the evening Thursday, and they promise that they will be even more careful from now on.

The police characterize the theft as particular, and it is believed that the heathen thieves were looking for money.

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