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Three Norwegian boys at Neverland

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Three teenage boys from Oslo, Norway, are allegedly currently visiting Michael Jackson at Neverland. Back in Oslo, a worried mother is waiting for her son to call.

According to the Norwegian paper VG, Jackson’s close friend, Omer Bhatti, age 19, invited his two friends from Oslo along for a magical vacation at Neverland. The boy's trip to Neverland should have lasted a week, but the they have now been gone more than three weeks.

Waiting for a call

“I’m planning to call the Department of Foreign Affairs, but at the time I don’t want to make a scene,” said the mother of one of the teenagers. “I know too little of where the boys are right now, and I’m still waiting for a phone call from my son.”

The mother was shocked when representatives from the Santa Barbara police district and the District Attorney’s Office entered and searched the huge ranch. Jackson is under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting of 12-year-old boy.

“I was not worried as my son was leaving,” the Norwegian mother said. “I trust Omer’s and my son’s judgment, besides, I don’t believe all the accusations and rumours about Michael Jackson, even if I had them in the back of my head.”

Omer Bhatti with his friend Michael Jackson.
Omer Bhatti with his friend Michael Jackson.

According to the paper, Omer Bhatti’s family refuses to comment the case.

Cancer victim

According to Fox News, the 12-year-old boy is battling cancer. He allegedly told his psychologist that he was drugged with sleeping pills and alcohol before Jackson assaulted him.

Larry Feldman is the boy’s lawyer. Feldman is the same man who represented the 13-year-old who in 1993 claimed that Jackson had sexually assaulted him. The case ended with a settlement of NOK 20 million (USD 2.85 million.)

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