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Three saved, 16 still missing

(Foto: TV 2)
The «Rocknes» accident most likely took the lives of 18 people when the cargo ship overturned in the freezing waters on the western coast of Norway Monday afternoon.

Emergency personnel are continuing their search for the 16 people who are still unaccounted for, but hope is diminishing fast.

«We have to face facts, there is little hope of finding survivors at this point,» said Annfinn Grydeland, commander at the accident site, to TV 2 Nyhetene early Tuesday morning.

Three saved from the wreck
Emergency personnel got their hopes renewed when three Philippine sailors were brought out alive from the boat at around 11 p.m. last night, almost seven hours after the cargo boat overturned.

Throughout the night, personnel tried to establish if there were more survivors inside the boat by hitting the hull, but as the minutes drag on, the hope of finding people alive is slowly dying.

There have not been any signs of life or banging sounds from other places than where the three people were rescued late Monday night, and it may appear as the three who were pulled out last night were the last three to be found alive.

Five Dutch engineers arrived at the scene last night to assist the emergency personnel and give them advice on where it is possible to cut holes in the hull to look for survivors without causing the 166-meter long ship to sink.

Oil spillage
The Norwegian coast guard, that stayed out of the way in order to not interfere in the rescue work, started Monday night to try to remove the oil spillage in the area around «Rocknes».

The ship had 445 ton of rich oil, 67 ton of marine diesel, and 21 ton lube oil on board when it overturned. According to the coast guard, a significant amount of oil has spilled into the water, and it has also polluted near by land areas.

One accident theory
One of the accident theories is, according to the local paper Bergens Tidende, that «Rocknes» touched bottom.

According to the paper, survivors of the accident have told the police and emergency personnel that the boat allegedly touched the bottom or rocks, and this allegedly made a large gash in the hull, and the ballast tank was torn up. Finally the boat got a heel and overturned.

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