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Tombstone killed 4-year-old

Sist oppdatert:
The 4-year-old girl was planting a rose on a grave when the tombstone fell over and killed her. The insurance company refuses to claim responsibility for the accident.

«It’s chocking and heartbreaking that no one wants to claim responsibility for the accident,» said her father, Arne Halkjelsvik. «We want someone to take responsibility for the large, unsecured tombstone that fell down and kill our daughter.»

The couple Arne Halkjelsvik and Lina Aasmo were taking care of the family grave at Værnes graveyard in Nord-Trøndelag when their daughter Kristine was knocked to the ground by the 100 kilo tombstone.

Gjensidige NOR, the insurance company representing Sjørdal church council, has not claimed responsibility for the tragedy, reported the local paper Sunnmørsposten.

The couple’s lawyer Bjørn Krisitan Hove claims the tombstone that killed the 4-yar-old was not properly secured, and urges the parents to file a civil suit against the church. The tombstone is located just outside the entrance of the graveyard and it was tilting significantly. A reconstruction indicated that the stone would easily fall. However, according to the insurance company, it was impossible to predict that the stone was going to fall.

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