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Tourist complained about bad roads to PM

A French tourist was so shocked by the poor state of the roads in Nordland, Northern Norway, that she wrote a letter of complaint to Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik.

The letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s office after Francine Cano had vacationed in Vesterålen this summer.

«Parts of E6, which in spite of it all happen to be the main road between the northern and southern part of the country, reminds me of poor French country roads. What the inhabitants up north must think sometimes, being punished because the capital Oslo is located in the south,» wrote the French philosophy professor in the letter, according to Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå (ANB).

In the letter she explains that she has been a frequent visitor to Norway since 1984 and that she loves the country and the nature, but that it is terrible to drive E6 north of Trondheim.

She stressed that E6 «happens to be a European highway, so one should be able to expect a completely different standard» since the road is an important description of Norway for all tourists who travel to and from Nordkapp, and since it is poor advertisement for Norway.

«A number of places the road is very narrow, and it is full of turns and tunnels with poor visibility. I drive a camper, and when I have to pass trailers or a truck, I’m just terrified,» Cano explained on the phone with ANB after having returned home safely to southern France.

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